Message from our Board Chair and Executive Director

Linda Rouse Sutton

Board Chair 

I am honored to be serving on Greene Lamp’s Board of Directors as Chair.  I want to thank our Board of Directors for their commitment to the agency, their support of the staff, and their dedication to the communities, the individuals, and the families we serve. 

The staff have done an outstanding job of delivering the programs to the individuals they were intended to reach. Even though Greene Lamp Community Action has made significant accomplishments in assisting low-income families, poverty levels remain high and more and more families are falling below the Federal poverty guidelines as the gap between the have and have-nots continues to grow. Today’s low income families are often working, but their wages are not sufficient to lift them above the poverty level. Many senior citizens live in poverty because their fixed income is not sufficient to cover the cost of living in today’s economy.  For families old or young that live on the fringe of poverty, an unexpected cost (automobile repair, appliance repair) or a life changing event (death of a family member, illness, divorce) quickly plunge these families deep into poverty. It may take these families years to work themselves up above the poverty level.

Greene Lamp continues to collaborate with new partners to help serve an increased number of individuals/families. These efforts afford Greene Lamp opportunities to serve families who might not otherwise be eligible for Federal benefits.  

As part of the Agency’s Strategic Plan, we are enhancing our public relation efforts by redesigning our website and becoming active on social media with Facebook and Twitter.

Lastly, I want to thank Greene Lamp’s stakeholders – our Board of Directors, our staff, our community, and our clients – for their continued support. As the agency positions itself for the future, we will continue to operate efficient and effective programs, while maintaining integrity and creating positive change in the community.


Linda Rouse Sutton,
Greene Lamp Board Chair

Angela M. Bates

Executive Director

Greene Lamp Community Action has had a very exciting and effective year. The staff continues to produce program outcomes, family and individual successes and being a change agent in the communities we serve.

Serving as the Executive Director of Greene Lamp is an honor and a privilege. To watch this agency have a positive impact on individuals and communities in eastern North Carolina is a humbling experience. Greene Lamp assists more than 3,000 individuals through its programs and services.

The committed staff of Greene Lamp provides a wide variety of services that stabilizes households; connects families to employment and training opportunities; provides comprehensive early childhood learning opportunities; offers volunteering services to individuals with special needs; and improves the living conditions of low-income communities.

Our success is driven by competent and dedicated team members who go beyond their job descriptions to assist those in need. Greene Lamp’s team combined with a vibrant Board of Directors provide the foundation for continued success.

I would also like to thank Greene Lamp’s funders, sponsors, and internal and external stakeholders for your continued support. WE are COMMUNITY ACTION and WE are dedicated to Helping People, Changing Lives.


Angela M. Bates,
Executive Director