Dear Friends of Greene Lamp,

At Greene Lamp Community Action, we continue to strive to make a difference for the children, youth, adults, and working families who struggle with poverty in Eastern North Carolina. The 2015-2016 year has been one of excitement, challenges and successes.
Racial tensions rose to a historical high and continues to divide America and Americans with lack of opportunities for people of color and / or low income families. This is demonstrated through unfair housing practices, high poverty, lack of jobs, and increased fear of police violence.
Greene Lamp continues to work to combat poverty and discrimination in a country that has more wealth and a greater income inequality than any other developed country on earth. The gap between between the rich and everyone else continues to widen. The top one-tenth of the population has more wealth than the remaining 90% of the population. Childhood poverty rates are higher now than they have ever been, even surpassing the poverty rate of some third world countries.
Throughout the wide range of services provided in this annual report, Greene Lamp continues to provide opportunities for those struggling with barriers to poverty. We thank our volunteers, including our dedicated members of the Greene Lamp Board of Directors, our many supporters,and our committed, hard-working staff members for dedication to those we serve.
All of you – working together- truly make the difference as Greene Lamp strives to continue to meet the challenges in reducing the barriers to poverty, to provide opportunities for those in need to pursue life goals and to put individuals and families on the road to self-sufficiency and success.

Angela M Bates, Executive Director