Dear Friends and Supporters,

Many thanks to the board, staff, clients, funding sources, supporters, and friends of Greene Lamp for their financial and moral support over the past 51 years. We cannot live and continue to strive on our morals or legacies; we must continue to work smart and tirelessly to ensure new assessments are developed and processed to meet the needs of our communities.
This has been another busy and productive year for Greene Lamp. Under the leadership of Mrs. Angela Bates and her staff, Greene Lamp has continued to provide the highest quality of services to the individuals and families of Greene, Lenoir, and surrounding counties. Greene Lamp staff has worked hard to secure new program grants, funds, and support to keep the agency viable and growing.
We continue to assess our vision, purpose, and goals as an agency, as we embark on our third year of an aggressive 5-year strategic plan. This assessment has allowed us to continue to see fruits of our labor. We developed a partnership between our Early Head Start program and 6 area child care providers; and added Pitt and Beaufort counties to our CSBG program, and Beaufort County to our WIOA workforce program. As the agency is awarded funds for new equipment, more staff, and new programs, Greene Lamp continues to be at the forefront of North Carolina’s Community Action Agencies. While our effort to serve more clients is as strong as ever, we must continue to make our agency more accessible to Lenoir, Greene, and surrounding counties. On a daily basis we must improve our services by improving our processes, quality, and time serving our clients. The Executive Board members, along with the full board of directors have work diligently making Greene Lamp a successful and viable agency. Board training along with the diverse expertise that each board member brings to this agency is invaluable. The highly certified and qualified staff also continues to help the agency maintain a high standard of operations.
We hope you will continue to support Greene Lamp as we move forward toward another year of quality service.


William Connor, Chairman
Board of Directors